Maundy theme for town flowerbed competition

Rebecca Wood from Knaresborough St John's Primary School meets the Mayor Cllr Richard Hall at the bowling green flowerbed

Published Date: 25 June 2010
By Staff Copy
THE theme for this year's Design a Flowerbed competition run by the Knaresborough In Bloom team tied in with the Maundy celebrations.
This year saw Knaresborough mark the 800th anniversary since the first giving of the Royal Maundy money in 1210, and so it was decided the theme for designing the flowerbed at Knaresborough Castle next to the bowling green should be the Royal Maundy.

The winning design came from year five pupil at Knaresborough St John’s CE Primary School, Rebecca Wood.

The second time ten year old Rebecca has won the competition, she was delighted to be invited to the Castle grounds last week to see how her design had been specially adapted to fit in with the very long narrow bed at the Bowling Green and see it all in full colour.

24 June 2010 9:03 AM
Knaresborough Post