Horse gallops back to town


A KNIGHT and his horse have ridden back into a North Yorkshire market town after a much-needed grooming.

Hooligans hacked the head off the life-sized willow model of a knight on his horse, standing in the grounds of Knaresborough House, two years ago.

The knight and his charger had been invited to stand guard over the High Street, by members of the Knaresborough In Bloom Committee as part of their efforts to mark the Millennium.

After it was vandalised, the sculpture returned to its creator Emma Stothard, a willow sculptor from Whitby, to be repaired.

Knaresborough resident Vera McHugh said she was delighted to see the sculpture back in its rightful place.

She said: "The damage is absolutely undetectable. It's amazing how many people contacted the town council when it disappeared and it's lovely to see it back again for people to enjoy."

Published in Yorkshire Evening Press  4th March 2004