Knaresborough back in Yorkshire in Bloom


As mentioned in my last column in November 2017, Knaresborough in Bloom will be entering Knaresborough in the Large Town Category of Yorkshire in Bloom in 2018. Part of the work of preparing an entry is the discussion about a judging route. People may be surprised to know that the local “In Bloom” group decides on the route which the judges are taken on and obviously only want to show the judges the very best route possible.
This is a challenge for a town like Knaresborough where there are so many outstanding places which we want to show our judges. We have to be very selective in our choices of where to show the judges. If we visit the town’s newest allotment plots then we have to leave out somewhere else because of the pressure on time. Do we show them Aspin Pond? This is an outstanding area with some innovative work from the Friends of Aspin Pond but if we go there do we leave out the Railway Station where again there is a fantastic group of Friends working very hard to improve the area. What a difficult choice! Hopefully Knaresborough in Bloom will be forming a small committee to look at the judging route over the next few weeks. The route will be driven and discussed. We will see if there are any improvements needed or any “grot spots” to avoid.
We are fortunate to have such good groups working in our town and to have their support during this important year for us.