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Ever since Knaresborough in Bloom was reformed in 2003, it has run a schools competition to design the flowerbed at the bowling green at Knaresborough Castle. However for 2013 the flowerbed will be designed by Harrogate Borough Council officer Sue Wood. Chair of Knaresborough in Bloom, Christine Willoughby explains, "Harrogate Council grows it's plants from seed each year, so we need to decide on the winning design for the "Design a Flowerbed" in late June or early July. Because of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Torch procession, we had a very small number of entries into the competition, the schools were simply too busy to enter. So rather than chose a design which we weren't completely happy about, we decided to "rest" the competition for a year and invite Sue Wood to design the flowerbed. Sue has chosen to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the breaking of the world speed record for steam locomotives by Mallard in July 1938. I am looking forward to seeing this famous event planted out at Knaresborough Castle, and who knows maybe we may even see the Mallard on our famous viaduct!"