New waterwheel feature for Waterside car park.



When Knaresborough in Bloom reformed back in 2003, one of our first projects was to install and plant a floral boat in the Waterside car park. With the passage of years, the boat has suffered and is to be replaced. Knaresborough in Bloom thought long and hard about the best way to replace the boat and were reluctant to find another boat as they have a limited life span. Eventually it was decided to commission a waterwheel to replace the boat and it is now nearing completion and will be installed later this month. It has been designed by one of our members and has been carefully crafted by Dave Hargreaves of Coneythorpe. The waterwheel will celebrate the former Castle Mills in Knaresborough which for many years was a major employer in the town and produced high quality linens including linen for the Royal Family. The original waterwheel for the mill was dismantled as part of the residential redevelopment of the Castle Mills in the 1980’s and little is left now. However the mill race still exists, accessible from the bottom of the car park. The new waterwheel will also have the space to celebrate the achievements of Knaresborough in Bloom as there is a space for the display of the awards of Knaresborough in Bloom in recent years. In the next few days the old boat and its plants will be removed and the site made ready. Then the waterwheel will be concreted into the ground and the immediate area planted with suitable plants. All will made be neat and tidy and ready for the many visitors who flock to Knaresborough so they can appreciate the history and industry which was a part of Knaresborough for so many years.