Knaresborough in Bloom plants up new planters
thanks to HBC Small Grants fund


Ackrills October 2016

As summer changes to autumn, Knaresborough in Bloom volunteers have been busy removing all this summer’s plants and replacing them with the over winter plants which will bloom in the spring.
This is a big job and takes quite a lot of planning. This autumn we have replaced four of our timber half barrels in the town. These old planters had become quite rotten and Knaresborough in Bloom was fortunate in receiving a grant from Harrogate Borough Council to replace these containers with new Amberol plastic planters which all contain a water reservoir. This means that the plants can last longer between watering as the reservoir will supply water to the compost over a long period of time.
At the same time as planting up our town centre planters, we are also planting spring bulbs. Again through the generosity of Harrogate Borough Council we receive a large sack of daffodil bulbs each autumn and we plant these on grass verges and other grassy areas to enhance the town.
In addition to this, in the next few weeks, Knaresborough in Bloom will be replacing our aged planted boat in the Waterside car park with a new floral feature. This is a floral waterwheel which is inspired by the former Castle Mill. The Castle Mill was a former linen mill which is now converted to housing. The former mill is next door to the car park and the mill race runs very close to the site of the water wheel. The waterwheel will give Knaresborough in Bloom an opportunity to display our awards from Yorkshire in Bloom and Britain in Bloom over the last ten years and also to create an attractive garden feature in this popular car park.