Penny Carpenter awarded Volunteering Oscar


Knaresborough in Bloom has been running for ten years as an independent group and so this year it was agreed that we would nominate one of our hardworking volunteers for an award at the prestigious Volunteering Oscars.
Mrs Penny Carpenter has been volunteering with Knaresborough in Bloom ever since the new group formed in 2003 and she has been pivotal to the success of the group. Unfortunately she was unable to attend the Volunteering Oscars ceremony due to being away on holiday, so the Knaresborough in Bloom committee were delighted when Councillor John Fox requested that he be allowed to present Penny with her award at the In Bloom monthly meeting.
Councillor Fox presented Penny with the award for Unsung Hero for Knaresborough and the committee warmly congratulated Penny for her achievement. Typically modest Penny thanked Councillor Fox for the award and said that she looked forward to continuing to volunteer with Knaresborough in Bloom and the Friends of Bebra Gardens for the next ten years.