Spring Judging

Knaresborough in Bloom volunteers, Andrew and Christine Willoughby working on the fence on the top of the railway tunnel just prior to the spring judging of Knaresborough for Yorkshire in Bloom.

We were lucky to have a sunny day on Wednesday last week when Knaresborough in Bloom took the two judges from Yorkshire in Bloom on a tour of the town. The judges were impressed with Knaresborough, particularly the excellent condition of so many front gardens. One judge even commented, “There don’t seem to be any bad gardens”. The judges were also pleased to see so much effort from shopkeepers, pubs and other businesses.

Knaresborough in Bloom were very grateful to Knaresborough Toyota for the generous loan of a seven seat Toyota Landcruiser for the Spring judging. This was very comfortable and gave a good view of the town. The judges were taken on an eight mile tour of the town as well as walking around the castle grounds.

These days the competition is about a lot more than just flowers. It is about sustainability and recycling. It is also about our community, our pride in our town and the way the town is maintained. It was accepted there would be litter blowing around the bustling market square on market day but unfortunately the quantity around our streets, roads and grass verges could not go unnoticed by the judges. Volunteers had been out before the judging and picked up large quantities of discarded rubbish. This effort was clearly not enough, the judges mentioned the quantity of litter.

This year we will not be told the marks awarded for our spring judging, but will have to wait until after the summer judging to be given a combined result."